Monday, March 10, 2008

Slipping but not sliding

This time I was able to ride for a few hours outside without falling down. While the roads were generally free of snow, many of the back roads had patches of ice on them. Some roads were completely coated with ice and I don't know how cars were able to negotiate some of the hills and curves. I left the studded tires on and didn't have any problems although I was still careful to not get too aggressive in the corners.

The trails were perfect for riding early in the morning, the snowmobiles had packed them down while the snow was soft and now that everything had frozen it was almost like riding on dirt. Too soon thought we will lose the little snow that is left and then we will have to wait for the trails to dry out. Unfortunately these trails take a long time to dry but there are others close by that do drain quickly.

The first big race is now less than six weeks away and the training is ramping up with longer time on the bike and higher intensity. Hopefully I can actually ride some trails prior to travelling to Tennessee.

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