Sunday, April 06, 2008


The weather finally turned to spring like conditions this weekend and allowed me to complete my workouts as scheduled, with the exception of Friday which was rained out. So I moved Friday's workout back to the trainer.

But on Saturday I was able to get in almost 7 hours on the MTB and just over 100 miles. I rode the hills in my area during the ride so I got plenty of practice climbing in preparation for Cohutta in two weeks. Although the hills are a lot bigger down south that also means plenty of recovery on the downhills. We don't have that luxury here so you tend to attack the hills a little harder.

Today I got in another 3 hours and over 50 miles but on a somewhat flatter profile. I ended up out at Stony Creek Metropark on the road where I successfully avoided being caught by a group of three roadies. I don't know if they realized they were chasing a mountain bike with full fenders. A lot of people were out today enjoying the warm temperatures but I hope all those running around in shorts and short sleeved shirts at 55 degrees don't get sick. It was nice to finally be able to shed some of the winter riding gear though.

This week is the Pontiac Lake TT and it looks like it could be kind of sloppy. I am scheduled to race it but it may be a game time decision. For now I'm turning my SS into a 1x9 in anticipation of the nasty weather since I don't want to risk the chance of ruining my other bike a week before Cohutta. Besides, in muddy conditions the less gears the better.

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