Thursday, April 03, 2008

News from work, Chrysler plans big tech job cuts

Hundreds to lose their positions in outsourcing
Free Press article
Detroit News article

Many readers know that I work for Chrysler as a business consultant in the IT section. I don't normally write about work too much unless it had to do with something I did like my trips to Germany. But yesterday the Chrysler IT employees were all told officially about the changes that are coming to our area.

I have known somewhat was was coming for some time now and in fact I have been in meetings the last few days with a few others to help design how we will continue to deal with our customers in certain areas and what the new role of the business consultant will be. It is being given additional emphasis in the wake of the announcement.

I think that I, as well as most of my current Chrysler colleagues, will be safe from the cuts mentioned as our area has already been close to meeting the target reduction through other means. But it appears that a lot of our long time contractors may be replaced with the new companies. It is a shame to see them go as they are valued workers and we have developed good friendships over the years. For those in the Detroit area and the automotive industry in particular it is becoming a common occurrence. But it doesn't make it any easier.

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