Sunday, April 27, 2008

Active Recovery

The week was spent in recovery mode as far as any hard efforts on the bike. I did get a couple of days on the local trails to just ride how I felt. It seemed like the legs were getting better but not ready to win any races. Too bad though as I rode down to watch the start of the Bloomer race and there were only four guys in my class this week. I doubt I would have beat anybody but it would have been some easy points for fifth.

Saturday there were nine of us, including four kids, that spent the morning raking the Addison Oaks trails and making sure all the trees were cleared. After we were done the trail was in excellent shape. In fact, I did three laps after the trail work. I am more tired today from hiking with the leaf blower than I am from riding.

It was strange today on my ride back from the Bloomer race; I passed three different guys jogging toward me that were each wearing the same marathon race t-shirt and also wearing earphones. It reminded me of the Groundhog Day movie where the same thing happens over and over.

The rest of the day is reserved for yard work and around the house chores. Maybe this will be the year I can get some grass to grow in our front yard.

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