Friday, May 02, 2008

Keeping it local

The team for the bike shop I work at part time, Cycletherapy, put on a MTB skills and race clinic as part of the effort to get the community interested in mountain biking and at the same time promoting the weeknight race series. Various topics were covered on bike preparation, what to do at a race, and how to handle various situations on the trail.

After the talk, conducted by THE Jay Jones, the attendees were split into groups by skill levels and taken out to practice what they had just learned. All the groups got a chance to ride the race course at least once, with some opting for several laps.

The mix of riders included quite a few students from all grade levels as well as adults. Hopefully they will go back and tell their friends how much fun they had and we can get even more next time. I think the instructors had just as much fun as the kids.

Next week is the first race in the 3 race series and we already have a good number of pre-entries. I think the course will be a good one for beginner and experienced riders alike. Race information can be found here.

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