Friday, May 23, 2008

Need to get caught up

I guess I've been slacking lately and not updating my blog. Both the people who read it are probably wondering where I've been.

Last weekend was the 6/12 hour race at Addison Oaks and I wasn't sure if I was going since I still had a cold. But since it's so close to my house it wouldn't be a total waste of time if I didn't race the whole thing. Besides it was being used as a training ride and not a priority race.

The turnout was the biggest ever for the Addison Oaks endurance races. That meant a lot of competition in most classes and a lot of the big guns came out to play. Probably because this race was close to them also. With the high gas prices the proximity of races will probably being playing a bigger factor in the decision to race or not.

I started off pretty fast for the first two laps and then dialed it back some. I was starting to feel the effects of the cold and ended up pulling in the pits after 6laps, thinking I was done. I stood around for a while and decided to go back out and did two more before really feeling lousy. But my laps were pretty consistent so I was happy about that. My ride time was 4.5 hours so it was good training for the Mohican 100 on the 31st.

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