Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rotten timing

We had to postpone our first race today at Lake Orion High School. All week it has been nice, or at least not raining, including this morning. And tomorrow it is supposed to be nice as well. But a storm was building that finally moved in about 2:00 PM and we made the decision to not hold the race. But here it is 5:30 and it's not raining any more.

One of the reasons for the race was to get people out to try it and have fun. We didn't want their first experience to be in the rain or have the trail conditions be a problem. The ground is hard enough that it wouldn't be very muddy but it would be wet and we might damage some of the school's grass. Plus we didn't think too many people would show up with the threat of rain.

We will make up the race on June 11 but the next race will be May 21. In the meantime we may be able to find some more trail to add.

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