Thursday, January 08, 2009

Back at work or, "Life on the sinking USS Chrysler"

I borrowed the title of today's blog header from an article that appeared in today's Freep. It seemed a pretty realistic view of what we are facing, and I imagine to some extent the employees at GM as well. But probably not to the degree of Chrysler.

We are trying to stay positive about the future of the company. I am involved with our two new engine plants that will be producing engines later this year. But a lot of other new development has been halted and one of the system projects I have been working on has gotten slowed down when funding for our contractors working on it got pulled at the end of last year.

I think half of our time is spent scanning the news for updates of what is happening. But there are so many theories, opinions, etc., that there is probably an "expert" opinion to support whatever you want. And a lot of the predictions made for last year never came to pass. So we move on, each worker hoping for the best but half expecting the worst.

Out west Jason and Emily have had record snowfall last month and now the warm temperatures and rain are causing flooding problems for the area. They don't seem to have the problems that folks farther west in the state are experiencing. The have had some minor water coming in from melting snow but that is it.

The web cam is working great and Oliver gets excited whenever he sees us on the screen. He loves to wave and have us wave back. If I can capture some of the calls on video I will post them.

In the meantime I have been riding outside a lot as the limited snowfall since Christmas has kept the trails in good shape to ride. A predicted snow storm for tomorrow may change that as they are saying 5-8" of snow by Saturday afternoon.

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