Sunday, January 11, 2009

Great day to be outside

Sandy and Oliver - the hat is made of wool and very warm.

Riding outside was not in the picture today due to the 5" of snow we received overnight. Nice and fluffy but more than I wanted to deal with, especially since the back roads have not been plowed yet. We were lucky? to not get as much as those south of us.

The early morning fog and cold temps lefts a coating of frost on everything that didn't have snow on it so I convinced Sandy to accompany me on a hike around the local trails this morning. We took our most energetic dog that loves to be outside and stays close by while off the leash. The dog is a bundle of energy and usually aggravates the other two so I'm sure they are glad for some peace and quiet.

Later today I'll get on the trainer to ride off some of the ribs I cooked on the grill. We barely put a dent in the slabs so it's probably leftovers for the next day or two.

Oliver in his normal "happy dog" pose and in his professional look.

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Dan Frayer said...

he just realized his butt was cold
love dan