Sunday, January 25, 2009

A week out west

I just got back from spending a week out west in Spokane. Sandy and I flew out to see our new granddaughter born on December 7th. She is about the same age as our grandson Oliver when we first got to see him. It was a great trip but too short, at least Sandy gets to stay out for another week and a half.

While out there we mostly stayed around the house to maximize our time with the kids and family but Sandy and I did go XC skiing up at Mt. Spokane. The groomed trails were great, although a little icy. The trails were fun and offered a lot more elevation change than you get around here. Plus the scenery was outstanding. Sandy was a little concerned about the possible challenges of the hills but she surprised herself with the way she skied.

We also got to see Jason play a rec league hockey game and his team won in a shoot out. Jason played well for someone new to the game. We weren't surprised though when got to sent to the penalty box. He refused to be bullied by the other team and stood his ground. At least the other guy got a penalty as well.

In addition to the great meals cooked by both of the wives we also went out to dinner with the family. Oliver was a hit in the restaurant and played to the other tables, especially if the tables had women at it.

Jason and I played basketball against one of his gym classes and we old guys schooled the younger kids, even as we played five on three to give them more of an advantage. But the kids probably weren't hurting like we were the next few days. Jason managed to twist his ankle and one of the kids came down on my foot, causing it to swell up and turn purple in spots. It almost prevented me from going skiing.

The family seems to be doing well and the priests and nuns have taken a liking to them as well. They would often stop by for a short visit or we invited them over for desert.

So now it's back to a strangely quiet house and work tomorrow. The video chats will help to ease the separation but it definitely won't take the place of being there.

You can see more photos of the visit here.


TP said...

Love the family photos. How is the winter training coming along?

Steve Kinley said...

I was doing pretty good until this month and then things slowed down. But now that I'm back from WA I'm picking it back up. It seems to get harder every year.