Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I started the year off right with a great ride outside. I rode a couple of the local trails as well as the back roads. The snow covered roads softened the potholes while providing traction over the remaining ice spots. But it could still be slippery in spots as I discovered when my front end slid out while making a turn onto a road. The snow simply slid out. It was sort of a low speed event but I felt like one of those guys playing football that they show in slow motion as his leg gets twisted at an odd angle.

Today's ride was on my SS and other than it already had the bigger tires mounted I really didn't have a particular reason to choose it. But while riding I thought that it was an appropriate bike as it represents a simpler, less complex riding style. As the new year starts out I think we, as well as a lot of folks, will also be trying to simplify and cut back on some of the things we do. I may even take on one of the 100's on a SS, just from a personal challenge and to do something different.

The photo below is from today's dinner. Sandy surprised us with a package of crabs the other day. We are all fans of the Discovery show, Deadliest Catch. These crabs are from one of the boats that has appeared on the show. If you get a chance to watch the show sometime it is amazing the conditions these guys work in. I think we will appreciate the crab even more after having seen the shows.

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