Monday, August 28, 2006

22,000 feet of climbing in 100 miles

My son Jason completed the Park City Endurance 100 on Saturday. The race is part of the national endurance series and probably the toughest of the races in the series. It certainly has the most climbing. I think I would have a hard time on a geared bike but Jason did the race on his singlespeed. And he finished 6th. Excellent performance!

He said he wants to do the race again next year and wants me to come out as well. I'm thinking about it but it's way too early to have next year figured out yet. It's hard to believe that this year's racing is almost over and it will be time to start planning for next year.

I think next year I will do more of the longer races and less of the local XC races, but the travel may be an issue. There are so many great 100 mile races around the country now that it is hard to choose.

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