Sunday, August 06, 2006

Weekend rides

Did a couple of rides with team members over the weekend. On Saturday Bernie came out to my house and we did parts of Bald Mountain N & S and also a loop of Addison Oaks. The Bald Mountain trail starts .6 miles from my house so we can ride a lot of trail without much road. Bernie's getting married at Addison in two weeks so I'm sure he'll look at the trail (and everything else) in a new light a month from now, assuming he's still allowed to ride. Actually he got his fiance to do an adventure race with him a few months ago, pretty cool.

Today I met Robin and Shari along with John Burt at Maybury to do some laps and so John could show us where the race start and trail would be for the MMBA XC race coming up in a few weeks. It seems that we will be riding up an old sledding hill every lap, I can't wait. There was a big group of riders getting ready to ride when we were at Maybury so we got out in front of them and then after one lap decided to ride over to Island Lake and do a partial lap there and ride back. I think that this was a better choice than doing multiple laps of Maybury. It is a very tight course with little room for passing, I'll save that frustration for race day.

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