Sunday, August 27, 2006

Racing and trail work

Yesterday I did my first regular XC race since May. The race was held at Maybury park and put on by the Southeast chapter of the MMBA and was part of the CPS series. In spite of all the worries and rants people had been having about holding a race at this venue, plus being run by the chapter instead of a regular promoter, the race went off well and had a good turnout. Most of our team was able to make it and we finally got a group shot. We probably have one of the biggest kid's programs going as well.

My race went well, I managed to be the first one going up the old sledding hill and first into the singeltrack. I was afraid that there would not be many opportunities to pass so I wanted to get out in front so I could put people in between me and the next guys as easily as possible. It turns out that passing was never really a problem and I was able to maintain and slowly extend my lead on each lap to finish first. My legs were really hurting near the end, the 12 hour races seem so much easier by comparison.

Today was a trail maintenance day at Addison Oaks. About 15 of us showed up despite the rain to put in a new section of trail that will extend the length by about a mile or so and will add some more climbs to the course. We were able to pretty much finish it and it will be fun to ride. The new section takes us back into a section of the park we haven't used before and offers a view of the lake. It may be done in time for the race at the end of September but will need a lot of riding on it to set the trail. Right now it's all fresh and fairly soft dirt.

Next weekend is the Drummond Island 24 hour race, my first 24 hour this year. Last year this event was a 12 hour and I tool 1st overall but the race was not well attended. I don't harbor any illusions of winning this year, it is more of a personal test to see how long I can ride.

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