Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Free food

I came home from work all set to go out and ride for a while in the 100+ degree heat but my wife had other ideas. She didn't think it was such a great idea and kiddingly (I think) told my son to shut off the cell phones and take the house phone off the hook because she wasn't going to get me if I bonked. I got her point and she suggested we go to the grocery store instead.

She does most of her meat and "good for you" food shopping at Whole Foods and I don't really mind going since they usually have some free samples of food throughout the store plus I like browsing the beer and wine selections. Today I was able to snack quite nicely on chips and salsa, tuna with duck or soy sauce (I tried both), potato chips, cheese snacks and low fat ginger snaps. They also had samples of carbonated cranberry juice to wash it down. On some days the spread is even better and includes shrimp and different cheeses, especially when you get closer to the holidays. I think maybe we should start looking at spending one evening a week there to get our dinner for free. That should free up some money for gas to get to the races.


MTB mini said...

Glad to see you came to your senses!! If you add a stop at Costco with the Whole Food trip you'll be set :)

Steve Kinley said...

We used to have a membership but didn't really use it much. Maybe the 200 roll size of TP since everyone tells me I'm full of it but that's about it. The samples were good though.