Monday, January 18, 2010

Get out and ride

This week the weather conditions have made the trails used by snowmobiles perfect for riding. Plus the temperatures have been moderate, or at least not as cold as last week. With highs in the low 30's and lows in the 20's it is easy to stay warm.

Everyone in SE Michigan who is sitting on trainers preparing for the coming race season needs to get out and ride right now while the riding is good. I don't think it will last through the weekend. Not only is the trail riding a refreshing change of pace it helps to practice some of the technical skills so that you aren't as rusty once the trails are ready this spring.

This morning I spend a couple of hours on the local trails since there were in such great shape. In fact, some spots were faster than in the summer due to rocks and ruts being smoothed over by the snow. It was easy to pretty much stay in the big ring for much of the ride. The heavy frost put an icy coating on most of the branches which made it seem like riding through a fantasy land.

The pictures at the top is of the LOHS winter course. This is the sledding hill that bikes ride down each lap and the runners go up. The photo at the bottom of the page is how most of the trail looks on the school property. The grounds crew has kept the course plowed to make it easier to keep up when we get more snow.

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