Sunday, January 17, 2010

New rides

Sandy and I each picked up new rides this week. Mine requires pedal power and hers fossil fuel.

The lease was up on the Nitro back in November and we were debating what to do with it when they announced that the company car program was being reinstated. We placed an order for the PT Cruiser and crossed our fingers that it would get built and delivered before we had to turn in the Nitro after getting the maximum two month extension on our lease.

We couldn't have timed it much closer, just like the material supply systems I work with, it arrived with little time to spare. We picked it up this past Thursday and turned in the Nitro the following day. We would have liked to keep the Nitro since Sandy took good care of it and it had low mileage, plus it had four wheel drive but the PT was cheaper in the long run. And, being a corporate lease we don't have to worry about mileage, insurance or maintenance.

We had one of the first Cruisers before they were available to the public. That was fun since everyone wanted to look at it and would follow us on the freeway and into parking lots. Now they are a little dated but a nice utility vehicle for cheap. Plus Sandy finally got heated seats and she likes the satellite radio.

My bike is Cannondale's only singlespeed offering for 2010, the Trail 29'er SL 5. It is a basic, no frills bike that I wanted to get to use for training in sloppy weather plus as a potential commuter this summer. I have made a few changes such as a different saddle and the fenders but I don't plan on changing much else. It's heavy compared to my race bike but is perfect for what I intend to use it for.

This past week's warmer weather has pretty much stopped the XC skiing but the snowmobile packed trails have firmed up to the point where they are just about perfect for riding. Almost like riding on dirt.

I started back lifting weights in the fitness center last week after a long absence since my rib injury. I am really sore all over my body now, even though I started off easy. It will take a while to get back some of the fitness I lost but by race season I should have adapted.

We have the day off from work tomorrow for MLK day. It should be another great morning for a ride.

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