Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Egg and I

With Jason and Emily getting into chicken raising and farming we thought it would be funny to get them the set of Ma and Pa Kettle DVD's for Christmas. Appropriately the first title is The Egg and I. Sandy and I have most of the set on video tapes and watched them so much that we took to calling each other Ma and Pa. If you saw some of the places we lived in the country there was a resemblance to one or two of the houses in the movies.

Last week Jason called to inform us he was about to head out to pick up 20 more chickens, mostly grown. It seems a family had started raising them as a project for their kids but that didn't last too long once the birds got bigger.

These are already laying eggs and the day after getting them Jason got his first return on the investment. All of the chickens are now in the barn so the basement has been returned to normal. At some point we will be seeing the birds live since he discovered the wireless signal reached to the barn. Now that is something I don't remember seeing in the movies.

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