Saturday, January 09, 2010

LOHS Races for 2010

I met with the LOHS school race coordinator yesterday to lay out tentative race dates for 2010. Here are the dates as we have them planned for now. More information will be posted as we firm up the details but I expect the races will follow the same structure as last year. We have extended the school portion of the trail by about a mile since the race last October and we have two more sections of singletrack to complete next spring. Beginner racers will ride almost the entire loop due to the new course layout but we plan on having a much shorter loop designed for elementary students this year.

Saturday Feb 6 3rd Annual Winter Running and MTB races

Wednesday June 9 Evening training XC race
Wednesday June 16 Evening training XC race
Wednesday June 30 Rain date

Saturday October 23 3rd Annual Fall Harvest Running and MTB races

We also began to lay the groundwork for the formation a scholastic MTB league. Hopefully more news on that initiative later this spring.

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