Friday, May 26, 2006

1/2 inch is all it takes

I received my setback seatpost yesterday for the Rush and moved the seat back about a 1/2 inch. Now it feels like my other bikes when it comes to seated power. Getting my knees just a little bit more behind the bottom bracket increased the amount of push to the pedals.

I also put on the Ergon grips with the integrated bar ends. A lot of endurance racers seem to be using these now, they provide a resting spot for the heel of the hands and should help fatigue on the longer rides. The bar ends are not as long as I'm used to but will give an additional hand position. The flat part of the grip puts my hand in a similar position to what I was used to on the bar end so it's not too much of a change.

When I built the bike I used a 31.8 riser bar but the bar is a little wider than I normally use for a geared bike. Normally I could cut it but the bar diameter gets too big too soon, I have just enough room now as it is when using a twist shift. I'll leave it alone for a while before I decide to find a narrower bar.

I put on the Lizard Skin chainstay protector before my ride yesterday and it helped quiet the chain slap. I have read of some people using clear heat shrink tubing to do the same thing. I don't know if that would muffle the nosie as well but is would allow the reflective stickers to show through.

One of the victims of the Addison race was my Polar HR monitor. The buttons were stuck and the monitor couldn't be shut off. I sent it back for repair and it arrived back yesterday. I've been using my wife's monitor which she has never used anyway, but it only gives an average HR and doesn't show a running time, only the HR while working out. I am used to mine that has all the other data functions and can be programmed for interval training. Those who know me know how I like my data. Since I didn't have my bike computer on the Rush until yesterday I had been wearing the HR monitor on one wrist and a watch on the other to keep track of the time.

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