Sunday, May 28, 2006

Happy 60th Anniversary

Happy 60th anniversary to my parents! The family gathered in Ohio on Saturday to celebrate. My older brother and family came from D.C. and West Virginia and my younger brother lives in the area. Note the hair (or lack of). At this point I've still got the most.

For an anniversary present we got a copy of my parents' Christmas card list and sent a note out to all their friends and family members asking for photos, cards, and letters to be sent to my brother who with his family arranged them into an album. We had a great response and learned quite a few new things about our parents.

My son Jason tried to get back but couldn't arrange the proper flights. He flew in to Detroit while we were down in Ohio and will be here for a week when we go back to Ohio for the Mohican 100. We'll stop by my parents on the way home.

Outside their place they have a few plant hangers mounted to the wall and a mourning dove decided to make a nest in one. She let me get pretty close to take a picture of her and her two babies.

I didn't ride on Saturday but spent the time with the family instead. Sunday morning I was ble to get out and ride from my parents east of Cleveland to my sister in-law's place on the west side of Cleveland. I rode down to the tow path that runs through the Cuyahoga National Park and took it almost from Akron up to Cleveland.
This path follows the old Ohio & Erie canal past many old locks, restored buildings and abundant wildlife. Throughout the area there are numerous historic attractions and optional road routes that take you up and out of the valley. The path is very well maintained with restrooms, water and small stores in some of the restored buildings. The path is over 30 miles in length and there are other bike paths that join up with it. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. There are two roads that also run most of the way along the valley that are popular routes for the road cyclists.

A sample of the path and a highway overhead. This gives an idea of the depth of the valley, great roads criss cross the area going up and down the valley hills. Steep and twisty.

A great blue heron nesting site

One of the locks

Another view of the lock

One of the restored buildings that is a visitor center/store

Self portrait while riding. A typical expression while I'm concentrating on something. Michael Jordon got the tongue thing from me


cooter said...

Have you ever tried that trail down in the Columbus area near Hocking Hills? I thnk it's called Lake Hope. I haven't, but heard it's really good.

And ... isn't that a Rudy helmet you're wearing in that last pic? I thought you sold it to me???

Steve Kinley said...

Never ridden down there. I did sell you my helmet but have you looked for it recently? :-) Besides the one I have on is red and white, yours is red, white and blue. I bought a couple more anyway and sold my Giro.