Sunday, May 07, 2006

Biking weekend

We had a beautiful weekend both weather wise and from a biking viewpoint. Saturday was a bike demo days at Island Lake where we helped out our sponsor, Cannondale. We helped set up their display area and talked to potential customers and prepared bike for them to test ride. There was a lot of interest in the bikes, particularly the new Rush. Other bike manufacturers had their bikes at the demo as well.

Today was the second race in the MMBA CPS series at Ft. Custer, alway one of the favorite trails to race on. I set up the Hammer nutrition tent and was able to sell some product as well as offer advice. The race seemed to be well attended and the course was very fast. I managed to score my second win in the series, partly due to good fortune as well as training. On the first lap I was on the leader's wheel when his back tire blew completely off the rim. Later another rider caught up to me when we got jammed up due to slower traffic in the tight stuff. I followed him for part of the second lap but passed him on one of the bigger hills and tried to put a few riders between us. Later he crashed on a big log pile but I didn't know it and kept trying to pass as many as possible. I think I ended up winning by about a minute.


Danielle said...

Great job, Again! I'm going to try to blend up that secret Hammer shake recipe that you were talking about. See ya Saturday.

Steve Kinley said...

Ssh, don't tell anyone if it works for you.