Sunday, May 21, 2006

Busy weekend

I travelled down to east of Cleveland on Friday to see my mom perform in the musical, 70 Girls 70 at the local little theater. This weekend was the last of the performances so I wanted to make sure and see it. She didn't know I was coming so my dad got the tickets and I met him at their place just before the show. When the musical was over the cast stays on stage to greet the audience and boy was she surprised when I walked up. While not having a major role, at age 80 she has to start somewhere. In fact most of the cast was over 60.

The next day I did a road ride out to the country where my wife and I grew up, the Burton/Middlefield area. Along the way I passed an interesting orthodox monastery.

This is a major Amish area so auto drivers are used to watching out for slow moving vehicles. I rode past many farms and Amish out in the fields or in their buggies. They always waved and said hello.

In Burton I spent some time at the Century Village, a site where many old houses and building have been moved to and turned into museums.

In the center of the town square is the log cabin where they make maple syrup, Geauga County is a big producer of syrup. There is always a debate over who makes better syrup, Vermont or Ohio.

Just on the other side of the square is the Geauga County fairgrounds, I used to go there every labor day and for a while was in the 4-H when I raised sheep. Saturday they had a Goldwing show going on as well as an antique tractor show. I love riding back in this area, it is easy to just keep riding out in the country.

Close to my parents on the way back I came across a person standing on the side of the road by a marsh looking across the other side at a big nest through a spotting scope. I stopped to see what it was and it was a bald eagle nest. He let me look through the scope and I was able to see a parent and the two young eagles. I had never seen one in the wild before. He had a digital camera that he could hook up and also a website where he publishes the photos.

Today Robin and Shari came over and we did part of my hill route before they had to leave. I went back out for a few hours on the Rush to get better aquainted with it. It felt a lot better today, the other day the seatpost kept slipping which was one of the reasons my legs were tired.

I received my new Scalpel frame, a size smaller than I have now to better negotiate the singletrack. While not a custom paint job it sure compliments the Cannondale Midwest Racing uniforms. Now I have to take the parts off the old frame and put them on this one.

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