Sunday, April 30, 2006


Most of my parts for the Rush have been here and the frame looks like it will be arriving next week. Unfortunately the fork is backordered but I may be able to borrow a team member's fork for a while. I did get our new uniforms yesterday and our new shoes from Diadora, now owned by our sponsor Cannondale.

At least I'll look cool as people pass me.

Update on Sunday afternoon

I went for a four hour ride with a pair of these shoes this morning and had zero problems, no hot spots or anything like that. They felt comfortable the whole ride. I did have one shoe strapped a little too tight but that was easily taken care of.

I'm not sure if it was the shoes or not but while riding on a rail trail this morning a squirrel darted across the trail directly into the path of my front wheel. At the last second the squirrel jumped onto my leg and then back off, returning to where it started. Maybe the shoes blinded him and he got confused? It sure shocked the heck out of me.

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