Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nothing special

Seems like a lot of other racers are posting the same things on their blogs this week. The weather has been great and we are all in our preparation phase for the races. The first really big one here in Michigan is this Sunday, the Yankee Springs Time Trial. It usually has the largest attendance until Iceman in November. Everyone is anxious to get out racing again. Hopefully the weather remains nice.

Looks like my frames won't be here in time to build one up for the race but maybe I can have it for the Fort Custer race in a few weeks. I leave for a week in Germany next Monday so I couldn't do much with them anyway.


Danielle said...

Good luck racing this weekend!!! Think of me when you are done racing because I'll probably still have 90 more miles to go :-)

Steve Kinley said...

I would rather being doing the longer race, I will probably be waiting for results for the same amount of time you are racing :-( Let me know how it goes with fueling since I am doing a couple of 100's myself this year. Jason and I have been planning how we will do them. We have been used to doing races where we can come through our own pits.