Saturday, April 01, 2006


I didn't realize it had been awhile since my last post but there hadn't been much new to report. Just keeping in the training groove with more VO2 intervals sprinkled in. I think this weekend is one that will test my endurance. yesterday was a series of VO2 intervals, today was three hours with 40 minute intermediate intervals and tomorrow is a 4-6 hour ride at a moderate pace.

Today Robin, Shari and I made it over to Yankee Springs to do a few laps, it was my first time on some real trails this year. I had a hard time sleeping last night in anticipation of today. Even with all the rain we had last night the trails were in perfect shape. I rode better than I thought I would in the tight stuff but I was starting to feel it a bit in the legs on the second lap. Shari posted some lap times faster than her race lap last year and she was riding at less than race pace today. Robin and I both have the same size Scalpels but he borrowed one size smaller for the ride today and he and I have both come to the conclusion that the smaller size seems better for us. Lighter and more maneuverable, it looks like we will be ordering new frames and selling the old ones.

They have done nice job with some reroutes on a few of the hills. Now if they would remove the logs that are pointing out waiting to impale a wayward rider on some of the downhills it would be appreciated.

Tomorrow I'm riding with Chris and Todd for 4-6 hours. The route will not have many hills on it and be mostly rail trail and pavement. The idea is just to put in the time.

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MTB mini said...

The day was a blast!! I don't remember the last time I felt so good riding Yankee. Must be the winter riding with Coach Troy and your help with my Hammer products and riding tips!! Can't wait for the next adventure :)