Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lost a few teeth at Yankee today

Some of the team went out to Yankee Springs today to get in a few laps before the time trial there next Sunday. What a beautiful day, warm temperatures and sunny, things are really starting to green up.

I was doing intervals but began to notice that my bike was ghost shifting which it had never done before, at least not with Sram XO on it. I kept fiddling with the cable adjustment but it didn't seem to make a difference plus I couldn't tell which way it was jumping. I stopped a couple of time to look at the rear end thinking something was loose. Finally I noticed that about half of one of the middle cogs was broken off. I have heard of breaking chains but I've never seen this before. Thankfully I could still ride but I had to skip that (half) cog. I've got a brand new cassette I'll throw on there before the race.

Last night my wife and I went to the Professional Bull Riding competition at the Palace just down the road from us. We have watched it on TV and a few months ago at work when we found it was coming to town a couple of us decided to get tickets. It was a good time but those guys are crazy. Not a lot made the full 8 seconds and quite a few seemed to be hurting when they got up.

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