Sunday, April 02, 2006

This morning Chris, Todd and I set out for a long ride without too much intensity. I wasn't sure my legs could take it anyway. Our ride was mostly pavement and rail trail on the mtb's but we were able to maintain a pretty good pace without blowing up. The sun didn't stay out for long and the wind picked up making it feel colder than was forecasted. I was surprised that after the previous two days riding my legs were feeling good. They really only protested when standing and climbing. I ended up with over 5 hours by the time I got home.

This week will have a few short intervals as I prepare for the Ontario race on Sunday. Local racer Mike Simonson is going back to defend his title. Speaking of Mike I just found out he works for DaimlerChrysler and is in the same complex I am. He emailed me at work about the race and said he was running a cross bike with a 34t rear just for the last hill close to the finish. He also said to watch out for a some ditches you have to dismount for as well as some downhill mud slides that could be interesting as most people are trying not crash on the way down. Sounds like a fun race.

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