Sunday, January 14, 2007

Going uphill while pedalling down

Today's ride was a long uphill ride, whether I was actually going uphill or not. Last night I switched over to the studded tires in anticipation of the icy forecast for today. I was hoping to get in four hours and figured I would have to be out on the roads to avoid the soft trails. I was out for a few hours yesterday and had to be careful of the ice as I was using regular tires.

The overnight snow/sleet had left about an inch of accumulation and as I left the house this morning the sleet was changing to huge snowflakes. Later in the ride it would change back to sleet and then to rain. I stayed on mainly paved roads but the icy slush combined with the heavy studded tires was slow going. If the road was clear the metal studs on the wet pavement was still not a secure feeling.

I hadn't changed the SS gearing to make it easier so the entire ride was pretty much a struggle. It was good resistance training but it also meant my legs fatigued earlier than I wanted. I didn't get in the total time I was shooting for but I think the resistance made up the difference.

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