Monday, January 15, 2007

Spinning by candlelight

The perfect gift for romance on the trainers. Buy it now on CD at a bike shop near you. At least that's what I was thinking as I was sitting on the trainer in the basement late this afternoon. I was literally in the dark except for the glow of a kerosene lantern, spinning away and listening to my MP3 player. No electricity in the house other than a few lights (and the coffee pot) running off the generator.

We lost power this morning at 7:15 due to the overnight ice storm. I bought a used generator a few years ago but we don't have the ability to hook up the furnace to it so I ran out to the local store this morning and bought a kerosene heater which kept the main part of the house warm. We use the generator for lights and TV or a few other appliances where necessary and we use a camp stove for cooking.

Since I had the day off from work I hung out at the mall for a while and caught the new Bond movie. Sorry, while the new Bond is good nobody can beat Sean Connery. I was really hoping the power would have been back on before I got home but no luck. So off to the basement to spin for an hour and a half.

While down there I couldn't help but think about the ESPN commercials that show Lance Armstrong on the trainer powering up the TV studio. That might not be such a bad idea for days like today. Get a workout at the same time as keeping the electricity. I found that the lack of visual stimulation while sitting on the trainer allowed me to get in the zone pedalling to the music. If you have ever seen a Johnny G spinning video you know what I mean. I was listening to the Afro Celt Sound System. As their name implies they are a cross between African and Celtic music with a little techno thrown in as well. Great music for spinning and a lot of their songs are on the longer side.

The power finally came back on about 7:20 so we were without it for just over 12 hours. Hopefully we don't get more ice or a big wind to cause it to go out again.


Anonymous said...

That is the first I have ever heard of anyone training to the warm glow and nasty smell of a kerosene heater. Good job for not taking it as an excuse to blow off your ride.

Steve Kinley said...

Actually the heater was upstairs and I was down. I did have a kerosene lantern though. I think I smelled worse than it did, no fan to blow away the sweat :-)