Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend update

The limited snowfall this past week has left the trails in great shape for riding. Plus the back roads have remained covered but generally in good shape. You just have to be careful to watch for icy patches.

I got out for about three hours Thursday and was able to be the first one on the trails at Addison Oaks and Bald Mountain. The snow wasn't deep but crunchy, it takes a little more effort to pedal through it but not too bad. It was dark by the time I finished the trail and headed home and it started snowing/sleeting on the way home which caused my glasses to ice up. I had to peer over the top in order to have a clear view. It got me to wondering how well cars could see and in they could see my blinky rear light in time. With snow covered roads I don't imagine they would have quite the ability to stop in a hurry. I may leave the rides on the roads in the dark for later in the spring.

Yesterday was just a couple of hours on the trails and rail trails, I switched to a narrower tire to cut through the crust and get traction on the trail. They worked great until I got to the rail trail where there had been a lot of foot traffic. The tires were forcing their way through the hardpack instead of staying on top. Fatter tires would have been preferred.

Today I had almost 4 hours in, mainly on the various connected rail trails. During my ride there were dozens of joggers but in that whole time I only saw five other bikers. That's OK, I like to think that my competition is sitting around the house as well but I know better. I've come to the conclusion that I am about 25-30% slower in the winter, especially on snow covered ground and roads. I think it is due not only to the snow and cold but the extra layers of clothes I have on.

It looks like we have pretty much the same weather pattern all week, with some snow included so I may spend more time on the trainer than I have been. So far this January I have more time on a bike than January of last year but less time on a trainer.

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