Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look Ma, no brakes!

Did you ever touch a frozen object with your hand and get stuck to it? Or remember the scene in Christmas Story where the kid gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole? Well ice cold wheels are like that when they go through wet mud. The frigid air causes the mud to freeze to the rims. No big deal when you use disc brakes. But my SS uses rim brakes so in no time I was left with no brakes, or very little braking power anyway, for the rest of the ride.

I started the ride heading through some trails since I figured they would be frozen. For the most part they were except for the occasional puddle. The branches were bent down in many spots due to the ice, my helmet was constantly being hit as I made my way through. It was very pretty in the woods with everything covered in ice and the sun shining. It looked even better once out on the back roads and I had a panoramic view.

I started the ride with the temperature in the high teens and I could feel it dropping as I rode, especially once the sun started to dip behind the trees. Even with toe warmers and cold weather clothing I was getting slightly chilled so I headed back to the house after an hour and a half an finished my workout on the trainer. I guess I get colder easier on the road than on the trails. I'm not sure what I'll do as the temperatures continue to drop; split my workout or just stay indoors.

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