Friday, January 05, 2007

When it rains it pours

Seems like each of the days I've been doing extended rides after work I get rained on for the last hour. Yesterday was no exception, it started raining right when I got to the trails at Addison Oaks. That will probably be the last time I can ride them until it freezes. Riding home in the dark and rain is an adventure, it builds character. I'm glad I've got my lights to see and be seen. At least I missed the really hard rain that came later in the evening.

They announced the races for this year's National Ultra-Endurance Mountain Bike 100 Series, now called NUE for short. Included in the seven race series is the opening race which will be in Tennessee on April 21. Great, but I signed up earlier this week for a 12 hour race in Tennessee on April 28! When it rains it pours. They have also changed the rules so you don't have to do a western race in order to qualify for the series awards. It looks like I may do both Tennessee races but I could use some company to share expenses and driving. I've got a brand new minivan that can hold four bikes on the roof or two inside but fewer passengers. Any takers?

The week of the 28th I am set and driving with Robin and Shari. I am looking forward to this race as we always have a good time together. They may question my taste in music but at lest we can laugh about it. Two possible weekends in a row in the (hopefully) sunny south in April. Every Michigander's dream.

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