Sunday, January 07, 2007

How long will this weather last?

I was able to take advantage of the lack of snow to get out for a few hours on Saturday and for another three hours today. Yesterday I stayed on the pavement due the rain and for a change it stopped raining half way through the ride. The sun even came out for about 10 minutes before ducking behind the clouds and the wind picked up.

Today I met Chris and we headed out on the back roads to the north and east of us. They were fairly dry, certainly a lot better than I had thought they would be. We were finished by 1:00 which is a good thing because this was on the radar, it looks like a white blob is about to attack our area. I don't recall seeing a snow circle completely surrounded by an icy mix line. I think wet and snow is in the future for a while now. In fact, looking out the window I see the first of the wet snow starting to fall. I just hope it gets cold enough to freeze.


Anonymous said...

you're right, Steve, you were very lucky.. :D A bunch of us headed out at 2 toward Leonard. We got eaten up by that giant blob! :(

Steve Kinley said...

I heard that you guys had some terrible conditions. It doesn't look too good for this weekend either.