Saturday, February 11, 2006

Busy day

Today was a fairly busy one. It started by Jason and I getting out on the back roads for about 3 hours but we got a late start meaning the roads were getting soft or down right muddy in spots. The bikes just got heavier as the ride went on as the mud and slush froze to the bikes. By the end I only had the smallest three cogs since the others had iced up. That and the soft conditions made the ride harder than it should have been for the distance travelled.

Later went to our team meeting for the 2006 racing season where Jason gave an overview of Hammer Nutrition products and our Cannondale rep, Jason Edinger, gave us an update on what Cannondale was doing for 2006 including a look at some pimping new Diadora shoes.

Jason from Hammer Nutrition

Jason from Cannondale

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