Thursday, February 09, 2006

Finally got some trail time

Jason and I got out on a ride early this evening and we were able to ride for a bit on the local trails. Most of the trail had been packed down by the snowmobiles with a few bare spots and ice. Other parts were a little soft but you could still get through them. We spent about another hour on the back roads using our lights.

It was nice having Jason home and a fun ride, we didn't push too hard but since I was on a SS and him on a 29'er with gears I did have to work some, especially on the downhills. The bigger tires seemed to pick up more momentum and carry him along farther than me. Of course I had studded tires and he didn't and I'm sure that had something to do with the rolling resistance as well.

Tomorrow is an off day for training but we will be attending a Hammer seminar Jason is giving at one of the local bike shops. I hope to get in some quality time on Saturday since I'll be tied up almost all day at the MMBA expo on Sunday.

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