Sunday, February 12, 2006

MMBA Annual Meeting

Spent the day at the MMBA Annual Meeting working the Hammer tent with my son. Also picked up my series champion award. The annual meeting includes a swap meet and featured speakers as well as series awards and recognition for all the volunteers that put in 10 or more hours of trail work during the previous year. This year we had two speakers, Jef Mallet, the creator of the Frazz comic strip and also Chris Eatough, the endurance racer.

We had Danielle and the Slingshot booth directly next to us but they put up a big banner so we couldn't see them. We made sure to bother them anyway. Especially since Danielle is using another company's endurance products :-)

Jason working the Hammer tent.

Some of our team's series award winners.


Danielle said...

It was fun seeing you and Jason again, though I don't think that I am ever going to live down the endurox thing!

Steve Kinley said...

That's OK, I'll still let you use the Compex. I would give you some Espresso gel but you don't want to mix Hammer with simple sugar products like Endurox.