Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Yesterday I mentioned the Compex unit I am using to supplement my training. This is an electronic muscle stimulator that has taken the place of doing weight workouts in the gym. For the past five years I've been lifting during the off season but this past fall I picked up the Compex unit from Hammer Nutrition and have been using it instead. http://www.e-caps.com/za/ECP?PAGE=PRODUCT&CAT=TRAIN&PROD.ID=4980 It's not cheap but it offers various programs including race warmups, strength, power, endurance and recovery modes. The recovery mode is sort of like a massage that really relaxes your tired muscles. You can find out more info about Compex here http://www.compextech.com/compexusa/

I started on the resistance mode and went through the strength program and now I'm working on the endurance mode. I have seen more muscle gain and definition than when I was just lifting weights. It will be interesting to see how this translates to gains on the bike. It seems to be helping, the first race in April will be the true test.

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Danielle said...

It's official...I've linked you in my blog! See ya at the Expo!