Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's Hammer time

I've got over 30 boxes of Hammer Nutrition products sitting in my kitchen right now. Not for me, although I wish they were, but for use over the next couple of days at seminars and the MMBA expo. My son Jason works for Hammer and is flying home tonight so that he can give lectures, seminars and man the Hammer tent at the expo. I ran the tent solo at the Iceman last year and never had a chance to sit down. Between the two of us we should have a chance to talk to everyone who stops by.

I don't work for Hammer but help them out when I can. Both my son and I were using their products before he went to work for them last summer. He's got a degree in exercise science and was working as a phys ed teacher in Spokane and was pitted near the Hammer tent at the Spokane 24 hour race. He got to talking to them and inquired about jobs and a month later he's working for them. Now he's living at the base of Big Mountain ski area in Whitefish, Montana where Hammer is located. And he's only 25 mile outside of Glacier National Park. We visited him last summer and it is as beautiful as you could imagine. You had better like winter sports though since with a town size of only 7,000 there isn't much else to do in the winter.

I rode the trainer tonight before using the Compex. Probably skipping spinning tomorrow to ride with Jason. I heard the snowmobiles didn't pack the trails well enough so we'll end up on the back roads. I hope to get a longer ride or two in on Saturday.

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Danielle said...

I'm glad that you guys are going to be next to us. That way, I can come on over and sample if I get hungry!