Saturday, February 18, 2006

Heat wave coming

I prerode the race course this afternoon for tomorrow's Paul Bunyan mountain bike race. Temperature was around 10 and tonight it will be around zero or below. At least tomorrow it is supposed to be around 26 or so. That may actually cause problems if the sun comes out.

The course has a lot of frozen open ground but also some snow and icy patches, enough that you need to be careful or you will be on your ear before you know it. Those of us riding today were debating running studded tires for the small sections of ice but felt that the weight penalty was too high. Normal knobs seemed to be the preference for most of us, until we are looking at the ground up close and personal. If the sun come out tomorrow it may soften the top layer and cause it to become slick on top or freeze to the bike, then knobby tires would help.

I'm not sure if I'm racing or what bike to use, geared or SS. Riding today I just couldn't get excited about racing tomorrow, I don't know if was the temps or I wasn't ready to suffer yet. I'll take my bike to the race since I'm helping the promoter butI don't know if it will make it out of the Jeep.


Joe Partridge said...

Thanks for the link. I'll shoot you some linkage as well!

Steve Kinley said...

My pleasure, see you on the course.