Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Outside vs inside

I had fully planned to ride outside today for a few hours. On my way home from work I stopped to get gas and while standing there fueling up I started to get chilled. It wasn't even that cold, around 30 or so but for some reason it went right through me. Once I got home I debated about going back out but decided that I would hit the trainer and Compex instead. I would rather sweat than freeze. I know I'll regret those words later.

It's about time to turn up the intensity a notch or two and add intervals back into the plan. It sucks doing 20-30 minute intervals on the trainer, shorter ones are sometimes easier to control on the trainer though. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the longer rides and intervals outside.


MTB mini said...

I just need to get motivated to ride outside...the basement is getting a little old and the spinnervals are getting longer and harder.

We did Totally Time Trial the other night and my legs were toast. Maybe I can talk Robin into a Compex?!

Steve Kinley said...

I need to come over and play Coach Troy with my own workouts for you. That will make you wish you were outside instead! The Compex will help with conditioning but it won't get you outside. C'mon out on Sunday. Chris W and I are looking to do a 4 hour easy ride.