Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

I was a good boy and got a card for my wife earlier in the week. I laughed when I walked into Hallmark, the section with cards for husbands was about 5 cards wide and the ones for the wives was about 10 times that. Guess we know who this holiday is for.

Jason flew back home early this morning and still worked in the afternoon at Hammer. I know he must be tired since he got up at 3:00 am our time and there is a 2 hour difference to Montana.

I got in some decent warmup time before spinning class at work. Good thing too, the instructor had us climbing almost the entire class. The only time we weren't climbing we were doing jumps. I don't mind climbing, I have a harder time when we do sprints. It was kind of funny today though, in one of the longest climbs near the end of class we were supposed to keep increasing tension on commands until we had to stand to keep the pedals turning. Being the macho guy I am I kept turning the knob until it wouldn't turn anymore but as I got out of the saddle I lost the momentum and couldn't turn the pedals anymore. I was stuck and had to back it off until I could turn them again. I'm such a putz some times.

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