Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lack of motivation

I couldn't get motivated to race today. I didn't feel it yesterday during the preride and after doing an early preride this morning while setting up the course I didn't have that feeling of anticipation for the race. I don't know if it was the cold or I just didn't want to suffer yet. I've ridden in colder temperatures so maybe it's just age. I got on the trainer for 2.5 hours this evening instead. This is the first year I've not done a Paul Bunyan race since I started racing in '99. In fact a Paul Bunyan race was the first race I ever did.

I know I was still tired when I got home after setting up and tearing down at the race. Must be from being outside in freezing weather for six hours. It actually was kind of nice out by the time the race ended. About 50 racers made it out including some of my friends who did battle for the entire race on their single speeds, Chris Werth and Jay Jones. They took turns leading each other but Chris got Jay by a wheel at the finish. Good race guys.

Chris hoofs it while Jay rides up the sledding hill. Chris beat Jay at the finish though.

Some of the corners were a little slick and caused problems for Beginners and Experts alike.


MTB mini said...

So Robert talked you into helping set up!! I wish I had known that Lily was going to race we would have come out for awhile.... you looked very very cold in the one picture I saw of you on Tom's website :)

Steve Kinley said...

Yeah, I had promised I would so I wouldn't have to pay the entry fee. I'll save it for a future race. I didn't know Lily and family were coming either. She ended up only doing one lap after falling hard right in front of me. The two younger kids raced also.