Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sugar and spice

The Spice Girls. This is for a friend who says I need to spice up my blog. How's this C-Dub?

On a more serious note I had another doctor appointment today with the dermatologist. I've been seeing her regularly for the past year for skin cancer. Fortunately it was caught early enough that spots could be frozen and I use a lotion that basically burns you skin in the bad areas but makes the areas look like hell. Then you stop with the ointment and use a steroid cream to heal it. Then you start the process all over again. I don't have to go back until August or if I notice something unusual on my skin.

Growing up I was always outside getting sunburned, even blistering and peeling. We always thought that it was normal. Heck, I even had it happen a few years ago. My Scandinavian heritage doesn't allow me to tan, unlike my wife who can turn brown after an hour in the sun. I just turn darker red. Turns out my brother and dad both developed skin cancer which prompted me to go. Now I try to put on the sunscreen and always wear a hat. I've gone to wearing a covering under the helmet. Nothing like burning a helmet pattern into a balding head.

So to everyone I urge you to take proper precautions whenever you go out. We spend a lot of time outside and want to continue to be able to do so.

On a training related note I got a three week plan from my coach. Looks like a lot of on-bike drills including strength and tempo training before we move into the really hard stuff. There is still over seven weeks to the first real race.


Danielle said...

I totally hear you about the sunscreen now. I usually carry it with me to reapply after sweating it all off.

I totally regret my lifeguard years. We would just add layers of burn to our skin every day. Ick.

MTB mini said...

Robin has been really good for me - I was never that good about sunscreen but with him around reminding me it's hard to forget.

Yep., I remember my lifeguarding days in Texas...the darker the tan the better :(

Steve Kinley said...

At least both of you got tan. I take the sunscreen with me and put it on at the start of the races, after that I forget. Or when I do remember I'm all hot and dirty, yuck.