Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Knee problem

During my recovery ride yesteday I could feel that the back of my right knee seemed a little tender but thought it may have just been from someting I did on Sunday's ride. During today's training though I could still feel it and it seemed a little worse so I cut my training short. I've iced it and hopefully it is nothing serious. I've never had any knee pain before while riding so this is new.

I've been searching for possible causes but it's difficult. Conventional theory is that pain in the back of the knee is from a seat too high or too far back. Nothing has changed in the saddle on the bike, other than instead of being on the trainer I rode outside. I did change stems but to one that is slightly more upright and with less reach. I also used a different pair of shoes that I hadn't worn since last fall. The search continues......

On a positive note I tried a different chamois cream that seems to do well. In the past two years my time in the saddle has greatly increased forcing me find something to help cut the friction. I had been using Bag Balm and it seemed to do the trick but began to notice that my shorts were starting to lose their stretch in the seat, becoming very baggy. Some research has led me to believe that the Bag Balm may be partly responsible since it is a petroleum product and can potentially damage the synthetic fibers.

I bought a jar of Assos chamois cream and have used it for the past two rides. It definitely gives the old tush a tingle. I had read reviews on the creams "properties" and now having tried it I can attest they are true. One of the ingredients is menthol which seems to both burn and cool at the same time. Makes you forget the saddle pain. Some of the other ingredients are of medicinal value and after only one use it seemed to help with some saddle sores that had started to develop.

Hopefully tomorrow the knee will be better and I can get back to the normal training schedule.

24 Hours of Adrenaline has announced that this year's 24 Hour World Solo Championships will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on October 6th, 7th, and 8th. A new venue and date may mean an increase in attendance over last year's race in Whistler, BC but I'm sure it will still be overpriced. At least it's closer to Michigan this time.


MTB mini said...

So the question is do we take time off to go and watch or will you be riding?

Danielle said...

Decisions, decisions. The first part of my schedule is pretty dialed but I can't decide what big 24 hour I want to do at the end of the season. I was pretty happy not to have "Worlds" hanging over my head this summer, but now it's tempting that I can drive to it.

Steve Kinley said...

I hadn't planned on going either and the wife says she won't go. Plus Stuart seems to mess things up. But it's within driving distance and there are a lot of great trails/roads in the area to make a week of it. Mini-you can qualify and do it!