Sunday, March 05, 2006

Another beautiful day

I met up early this morning with Chris and Todd for an easy four hour ride. We were trying to keep our HR's to a reasonable level. We managed to ride most of the time without getting too muddy, the roads we were on were a lot drier than the ones I was on yesterday.

I was surprised that once on the bike my legs felt pretty good. Walking around this morning they were feeling the effect of yesterday's ride. Today though I felt like I had about the same amount of power at the end of the ride as I did at the start. Maybe the Compex workouts are paying off.

We were talking about the benefits of riding early in the day, especially this time of year. It can be a pain putting on all the warm clothing to get out at first light but the roads are firmer plus when you get done you have the rest of the day to do whatever, including recovering on the couch. I try to follow the same pattern pretty much all year on the weekends. This week is supposed to get warmer with a predicted high of close to 60! Unfortunately rain is also coming but we can deal with that.

This picture is of Robin and Shari Scurr getting ready for the Addison Oaks 12 Hour race. This year the race is in May

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