Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hills and Bocce

I rode the first part of a 100 mile hill loop I had put together on paper to see what it was like. I had tried to string together most of the bigger hills in the area, big being a relative term. I use a bike with a single 48t ring up front to make the hills a little more of a workout. I did about the first half and found that there was one stretch that was just a bunch of rollers since you have to travel from one hilly area to the next.

There is a point where I could turn around and reverse the loop to get in 70 miles and get to go up the hills I had come down previously. Plus I would never be more than 15 miles from home. I think this would condense the climbing into a smaller route, more bang for the buck. My HR monitor with altimeter comes back tomorrow after getting the battery changed so I can get an actual read on total elevation gain.

My team had our bocce party today at a facilty near me that has indoor courts, a bar and a restaurant. It holds international tournaments there as well. I've never played the game indoors before, always in someone's yard. This was like bowling on a putting green, it didn't take much effort to roll the ball clear past the target. It was fun and a chance for the team to get together before the racing starts in a few weeks.

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