Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sunny and warm(er)

The weather forecast was actually correct for today, sunny skies and warmer temperatures. I waited until later in the day to ride, normally I try to be on the bike by 8:00 am but today I waited until 10:00 to allow it to warm up some. The wind was a little stronger than predicted and riding solo and mainly on the roads meant I had nowhere to hide. Makes you stronger though right?

I figured the back roads would probably be messy (C-Dub confirmed it later on his ride) so I kept mainly to the pavement and rail trails. The Detroit area is not the best place to ride the main roads, after all it is the motor city, so you have to be creative. I did loops at a local industrial park, Oakland University, and the Chrysler Tech center (where I work) before heading out to Stony Creek Metropark for a lap there. I found this cool free software that lets you plot a route and it gives you mileage along the way and also includes an elevation profile. Here is today's ride, my mileage was a little higher than shown because I did an extra loop at one spot. I would say it's pretty accurate though.

I had a chance to try out my mtb with slicks running a 1x8 and a 48t up front. This is a possible bike for the Paris Ancaster race next month. It seemed OK but the chain popped off the front once in spite of a derailleur rigged up as a chain guide. I'm going to try and come up with an alternative guide. If the weather clears up tomorrow I may do the same ride on the 'cross bike for a comparison.

The warmer weather sure brought a lot of people out to enjoy the sunshine. I have to wonder though about all the bikers riding with bare knees. I think the high may have reached 52 but out at Stony the lake is still frozen so the temperatures are usually cooler. I try to keep my knees covered when the tempratures are in the 50's or below. A lot of coaches recommend keeping them covered below 60. Some even say below 65! Maybe it just a part of getting older or banging my knees so many times from playing softball but I know they will ache if they get cold.

The Trillium aren't out yet but one of the trails near my house is always covered with them each spring.

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Danielle said...

What a nice day. I have to live vicariously through your post since I was stuck working in the mall all day.