Sunday, March 19, 2006

Better yet

I felt pretty good yesterday but wondered how I would feel today with some big gear intervals and a longer ride on the schedule. I did the intervals on the trainer and they didn't seem too bad, I wanted to get them done before several of my team mates came over to ride the back roads. I finished shortly before they showed up.

Robin and Shari Scurr, Joel Miller and John Burt came out to join me on a tour of some of the back roads around my house. We ended up with a little over 40 miles and all but about three miles of that was dirt. The route I took them on wound its way through (and up and over) some of the horse country north of me. For some of my team mates it was the longest they had ridden this year but everyone did great. Kudo's to John for doing the route on his SS with a rigid fork. Some of the roads were pretty bumpy and I'm sure his arms and back are probably feeling it. Hopefully we can do it again and I can show them some more of the countryside.

Tomorrow is a recovery ride and then it's back at it again.

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