Saturday, March 25, 2006

Snow again

Woke up this morning to snow covering the ground and more coming down. Spring has felt more like winter so far. My schedule called for more of the high intensity VO2 intervals today and I had planned on doing them on the trainer anyway. And I hate them, it's hard to sit there and go as hard as you can and not get anywhere. It's easier to control the variables on the trainer but not as much fun as doing them outside. Probably safer though because I can get dizzy after doing one. If the weather improves tomorrow I'll try to ride outside before our team bocce party at the nearby Palazzo di Bocce. Should be fun, next we'll have to try curling, eh?

I also submitted my orders for our team's sponsored parts. I am building up a Cannondale Rush and am going to try the new Terralogic Lefty fork. This bike will be used for the longer races relegating the Scalpel to backup bike in the endurance races but still the primary weapon for the shorter XC races. Pictures to be posted once the parts start coming in.

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